Thursday, April 23, 2009

Big girls don't cry.

So, for my first mini-installment before I run out the door to a theatre function (to the forum!), here is a very small sample of some teardrop earrings I wouldn't mind owning.

I own eight pairs of teardrop-shaped earrings. I realized I had quite a few the other day when I brought another pair home (black and white checkerboard!) I will get some of my earrings posted in the next couple of days, as well as showing just how I am currently storing my bazillion earrings.

What I like about the teardrop is it can be a cut-out type deal, a woven deal (like the dreamcatchers --btw, I bought some two-tones for a dollar at a local shop so I can't imagine paying ten for them), or a solid hunk of material colored or treated a certain way. The shape, to me, at least, seems very flattering and very dramatic. I am not a fan of chandelier earrings or just strands of chains --I feel they get lost in your hair unless you put it up, and that they lack volume that earrings can definitely bring to the table. I feel pretty good in any pair of my teardrops, so perhaps I'm biased!

Toodle-ooh, dears!

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