Saturday, September 19, 2009

Quick update.

Hey, I will try posting some new stuff tomorrow when I have better pictures. I just got some ridiculous fishing lure/pineapple-like ones, as well as some kickass dinosaur tooth things, but the pictures I took turned out less than stellar (and I looked like shit).

Taking a moment now to recognize and acknowledge that I've been obsessively watching the Fatshionista Flickriver, in addition to reading the LiveJournal community where it all started. As a member of this "plus sized" community (so plus it's pretty much average for most American women), I find it inspiring both in aesthetics and in esteem. I've seen some truly fabulous outfits in this stream, as well as daring ensembles, and I want to try my own even beyond the scope that I do now. All with some cute earrings for my own personal pizazz.

See you soon!

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